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What is New in codeBeamer ALM 9.2?

Webinar Date Time Duration
25 July 2018 4:00 PM (CEST)
/ 10:00 AM (EST) / 7:00 AM (PST)
~30 minutes

What you can learn:

codeBeamer ALM's latest version 9.2 brings a host of new features for enterprise users taking the Agile way of working with codeBeamer. This new release offers updated branching functionality to enable the reuse of referenced work items across branches, and to set branch permissions.

The new Story Plan feature lets you group work items to map related requirements or user stories. This way, you can visualize and manage groups of work items across releases in a single container. codeBeamer 9.2 also brings a fully updated Audit Trail Report functionality. This new audit feature records all user activity (logins and logouts, updates to work items, documents, or fields, and permission changes) and makes the logged history easy to export, greatly facilitating compliance audits.

The webinar's agenda:

  • What is new in codeBeamer 9.2?
  • Advanced branch management with permissions, reuse, and cross-branch references
  • Story plan: Updated Release Planner with user story mapping
  • New Audit Trail Reports to accelerate compliance verification
  • Further improvements

Our webinar is intended for:

Current and prospective users of codeBeamer ALM