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Intland's Tool Validation Package Template

tool-validation-package-template.pngThis template helps accelerate and simplify the verification & validation processes of codeBeamer ALM for safety-critical applications.

It contains all the assets (use cases, and related manual and automated test cases) that you or any independent auditor can use for tool qualification purposes. Intland's Tool Validation Package Template helps to significantly cut the time and costs of validating codeBeamer ALM for use in safety-critical development.

This template is a great asset for simplifying the necessary tool qualification processes and compliance during the development of:

  • automotive systems (ISO 26262, IEC 61508, Automotive SPICE)
  • medical devices (IEC 62304, ISO 14971, IEC 60601)
  • aviation embedded systems (DO-178C and DO-254)
  • pharmaceutical products (GAMP® 5).

Intland's Tool Validation Package template contains trackers with:

  • Manual and automated test configurations, test cases, and test sets
  • The most common use cases for verification
  • Test cycles, manual and automated test runs
Intland’s Tool Validation Package Template comes with consulting days and customisation to help match the use cases, environment, and other specific requirements to the audited processes. For pricing info, please visit our pricing page.

Installation process

  • Create a new project i.e. “Tool Qualification ISO 26262 / IEC 61508” and import Intland's Tool Validation Package Template (.zip file).

Contact our team for more information about Intland's Tool Validation Package Template: