Read our introductory guide to DO-326A / ED-202A Airworthiness Security Process Specification to better understand:

  • What DO-326A is and what it means for avionics systems developers
  • The role and position of DO-326A in the aviation regulatory landscape
  • The contents of this key piece of aviation cybersecurity guidance

Increased focus on cybersecurity concerns in the aviation industry forces avionics systems developers to engineer their products with vulnerability risks in mind. Titled ‘Airworthiness Security Process Specification’, DO-326A/ED-202A is a key piece of guidance for the safety of airborne equipment.

This guide provides fundamental information related to RTCA DO-326A/EUROCAE ED-202A. Read the guide to understand the background of this cybersecurity guidance document and what avionics systems developers it affects. Learn more about how it’s related to other aviation regulations, what its contents are, and the airworthiness security risk management framework it outlines.

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