Read our SOTIF ISO/PAS 21448 Guide to learn more about:

  • The context and role of SOTIF in the automotive safety regulatory landscape
  • The relationship between SOTIF ISO 21448 and the functional safety standard ISO 26262
  • Key activities for achieving SOTIF compliance

In the race towards full vehicle autonomy, carmakers are innovating new Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and self-driving solutions for their latest models. The fast development of these technologies is outpacing regulatory standards – that’s what ISO/PAS 21448 is supposed to change.

The document, subtitled “Road vehicles — Safety of the intended functionality”, covers the hazards arising from functional insufficiencies as well as the reasonably foreseeable misuse of these advanced mobility technologies. SOTIF provides guidance on design, verification, and validation measures to reduce residual risk to a reasonable minimum and to maintain the safety of autonomous vehicles even in unforeseen situations.

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