Download our guide to Using codeBeamer to Achieve IEC 61508 Compliance for:

  • A quick analysis of the contents of IEC 61508
  • Information on the risk management aspects of IEC 61508
  • A list of relevant features & functions of codeBeamer ALM to support functional safety compliance

Companies developing safety critical systems realize the importance of functional safety. A fundamental international standard that defines requirements on functional safety is the umbrella standard IEC 61508 which governs the functional safety requirements of Electrical/Electronic/Programmable Electronic Safety-related Systems. IEC 61508 is the parent standard of various other regulatory standards in the fields of railway software, automotive software, manufacturing industries, etc.

With its integrated approach and advanced safety- and risk-related feature set, codeBeamer ALM is a cost-effective solution to meet the requirements of IEC 61508.

This guide helps you understand how codeBeamer ALM supports compliance with the requirements set forth by IEC 61508, linking modules and features of the ALM tool to the requirements stipulated by the standard.


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