The Challenges of Quality Assurance and Testing Teams in Software Development

Challenges-Quality-Assurance-Software-TestingAs software complexity increases, quality assurance (QA) and software testing teams will need to focus on increasing capacity and quality. Our guide provides a clear route map for improving testing and enhancing quality assurance across your organization.

Key to the success of Internet of Things-enabled devices is ensuring safe and reliable connectivity, and adopting test automation tools to support the quality assurance processes of these products. In parallel, testing teams must embrace the benefits associated with the adoption of DevOps (real-time feedback & quick responses to bugs and change requests).

Nowhere is the urgency felt more keenly than in industries where safety and reliability are critical issues in software development, such as in the healthcare, automotive and aviation industries. In these sectors, embedded software and connected mobile devices and services are gaining significant importance. The challenges for QA and software testing teams include what to focus their efforts on, and how to add process predictability to their testing practices while overcoming the associated security and connectivity testing challenges.

Our The Challenges of Quality Assurance and Testing Teams in Software Development guide discusses the following topics:

  • How to Build a Testing Strategy and Environment
  • Role of Software Quality Assurance Engineers / QA Test Engineers
  • Importance of Risk Management for Quality Assurance and Software Testing
  • New terms: Agile Test Management and Agile Test Managers
  • Differences between Testing in Embedded Software and in Application Development
  • Features of good Quality Assurance and Test Management tools
  • Quality Assurance and Test Management with codeBeamer ALM

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