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How to Scale Agile with Compliant Processes?

More and more companies operating in safety-critical industries (medical device development, automotive, avionics, railway, nuclear sectors, and others) choose to adopt certain Agile methods. These modern development frameworks promise to curb development time and costs, making them appealing options. Earlier, Agile methodologies seemed unsuitable for large enterprises developing products for highly regulated industry sectors. However, with adequate process control measures and software tools, Agile is successfully being scaled and used in the development of high-risk products, where compliance with standards and regulations in crucial.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about enforcing the use of compliant processes in a scaled Agile development environment, and reducing the time, costs, and effort needed to successfully pass compliance audits. The webinar also showcases codeBeamer ALM’s capabilities around defining and executing compliant workflows, ensuring collaboration between various departments, as well as its documentation & reporting features that greatly facilitate compliance audits.

The on-demand webinar’s agenda:

  1. Waterfall vs Agile in a nutshell
  2. Challenges of scaling processes
  3. Process control in an Agile environment
  4. Traceability, efficiency, risk management
  5. Live demo of codeBeamer ALM’s relevant capabilities

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