experts-talk-reqirements-driven-test-automation-iso-26262-compliance-in-automotive-development-1.pngMeeting safety and regulatory requirements in the automotive industry forces developers to adopt increasingly rigorous Quality Assurance processes. Due to the volume of testing necessary in automotive embedded development, the efficiency of testing processes is vital. Requirements-based testing is a key QA method that helps ensure high product quality with minimal costs, and compliance with automotive regulations such as ISO 26262.

Watch this webinar recording, hosted in collaboration with QA Systems, to learn more about:

  • Deriving test cases from requirements, and automating testing processes
  • Test framework & test case generation, test execution, results diagnostics and report generation
  • Achieving lifecycle-wide traceability from requirements down to executed unit tests
  • Seamless integration of QA Systems and Intland Software tools
  • Significantly reducing the risks, time, and costs of ISO 26262 compliance.