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codeBeamer ALM and IBM DOORS Working Together via DOORS Bridge

codebeamer-alm-and-ibm-doors-working-together-via-doors-bridge-1.pngThis webinar is dedicated to showcasing codeBeamer’s DOORS Bridge, an easy and advanced migration facility between IBM® Rational® DOORS® and codeBeamer ALM. DOORS Bridge is a native integration between DOORS and codeBeamer’s database which ensures requirements migration without quantity limitations. It is ideal for importing and reimporting requirements from DOORS to codeBeamer ALM, and is much more advanced than ReqIF or IBM’s own migration facility between DOORS and DOORS NG.

DOORS Bridge is able to migrate all requirements (all historical projects as well) including baselines, discussions, history, link attributes, and the relations of artifacts. It enables you to maintain DOORS as a project history archive while managing your requirements in codeBeamer ALM. Live performance testing has shown that DOORS Bridge is able to import 1000 requirements per minute, and codeBeamer is able to manage millions of requirements.

Watch this webinar recording to understand:

  • how DOORS Bridge works
  • who its intended users are
  • as well as the technical details of how it works.

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