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ALM-PLM Integration with Business Process Management

Today’s complex products, especially IoT-enabled devices, increasingly require the integration of hardware and software development processes. The parallel development of hardware, software and service components demands the convergence of Application and Product Lifecycle Management software platforms. Integrating these tools is a challenge.

Watch this on-demand webinar recording to learn more about integrating ALM and PLM in the development of complex products. This video also showcases codeBeamer’s approach to this challenge: integrating data and processes via Business Process Management. Fill in the form to learn how codeBeamer ALM enables you to manage the entire product (hardware and software) development lifecycle from a single platform, greatly simplifying product development.

The on-demand webinar’s agenda:

  1. IoT & the development of complex products
  2. Differences between ALM and PLM, and the challenges of integration
  3. Business Process Management (BPM)
  4. Complex, automated workflows
  5. Live demo of codeBeamer ALM

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