Kisaco Leadership Chart on Engineering Application Lifecycle Management Solutions 2020-21

KLC Eng ALM Solutions 2020-21 593-840This 2020-21 report by Kisaco Research evaluates the top five Application Lifecycle Management vendors and compares their solutions side by side to help advanced engineering companies make informed tooling decisions. The report names Intland Software a Leader in the ALM space, and forecasts that the company will further solidify its leadership position.

As digital transformation accelerates and quality pressure increases in high-tech engineering industries, Application Lifecycle Management tools are becoming indispensable. ALM platforms help manage both software delivery and the verification, validation, and auditing processes necessary for regulatory compliance. Capabilities around Agility, traceability, risk management, change management, and audit support are vitally important for modern ALM platforms. Vendors offer solutions of varying maturity, making it difficult to make future-proof strategic tooling decisions.

This Kisaco report analyzes vendors and the capabilities of their tools, placing Intland Software ahead of the pack as a successful competitor to established legacy tool provider giants.

"Intland consistently punches above its weight and impresses us with its laser focus on its target markets and embracing of innovative technologies. We believe that Intland will continue to grow and reinforce its leadership position."

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