Access this white paper on Integrating Hardware and Software Development in Digital Product Delivery to learn about:

  • Common approaches to (and issues with) developing software-driven products
  • Choosing the appropriate procedural model and creating a synchronization mechanism between hardware and software development
  • Tooling questions of managing software-driven product lifecycles

In a technology and market landscape increasingly dominated by electromechanical components, it is becoming vital to efficiently manage the complexity of software-focused product lifecycles. The main challenges are supporting design processes, managing technical data for various components, and ensuring collaboration across teams.

In this white paper, BHC GmbH’s experts analyze modern challenges of digital product development, and propose new ways of getting to grips with increasing complexity. The paper covers the advantages and disadvantages of common approaches, and provides a methodological foundation based on systems engineering. The paper also touches on the tooling aspect of managing digital product lifecycles.

Download this white paper for insights into how your organization can establish a future-proof approach to developing complex software-driven product systems!


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