Why use templates with codebeamer X?

For users of codebeamer X, our MedTech Templates provide instant access to baked-in best practices, regulatory compliant processes, and health tech domain knowledge. Templates function as extensions to codebeamer X with predefined assets and workflows for medical device development & compliance. Use these templates to slash the time and effort costs of configuring codebeamer X, ensuring compliance, and to reduce risks in the development of complex health technology products.

Faster configuration

Get up and running with codebeamer X for MedTech development in no time. Use templates to accelerate your products’ time to market.

Preconfigured yet flexibly adaptable

Our templates are ready to use out of the box. Artifacts and processes can be easily tailored to your organization’s individual needs.

Reduced compliance costs

Use templates for a streamlined compliance process with easier audit preparation and simplified regulatory submissions.

Reduced risks

Slash unnecessary risks by using preconfigured, compliant assets & workflows that meet regulatory requirements.


Download this Medical Audit & CAPA Template brochure to learn more about about:

  • The capabilities of this template to support adherence to regulatory requirements & simplify audit preparations
  • Executing all-in-one audit management & Corrective and Preventive Actions using this template
  • The benefits of using this Medical Audit & CAPA Template

See this Medical Audit & CAPA Template in action

This Medical Audit & CAPA Template helps reduce the time and effort costs of tackling internal and external compliance audits in the development of modern medical technology. The template contains preconfigured artifacts, processes, and traceable links between work items to simplify audit preparation and execution, and to help manage Corrective and Preventive Actions.

Combine with the Medical Software Engineering Template for 360° MedTech development and compliance support!

This template was designed for developers of:

  • digital health software (embedded, standalone, or as part of a mobile application)
  • any type of healthcare technology with regulatory compliance requirements.

Download our informational brochure to learn more about about the support that Intland's Medical Audit & CAPA Template provides!


Get your copy of our informational brochure about the Medical Audit & CAPA Template: