Download this SAFe® Template brochure to learn more about:

  • The features, capabilities, and preconfigured assets of this template to support scaled Agile delivery
  • The various levels of the Scaled Agile Framework (NOTE: This template may be adapted to later releases of SAFe)
  • Managing and monitoring the work and performance of multiple Agile Release Trains using this SAFe® Template

Scaling Agile across large organizations is a difficult task. Established frameworks can provide a safe, smooth, and structured way of transitioning your enterprise development processes to Agile.

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) offers enterprises a way to maintain a level of organizational structure and control over their teams while reaping the benefits of rolling out Agile.

This SAFe® Template offers dedicated capabilities and preconfigured assets to supports adherence to this complex framework. It enables you to manage and monitor the work and performance of multiple Agile Release Trains in a convenient, easy to overview manner. The Template may be easily updated to suit any SAFe version.

Download our informational brochure to learn more about the support that Intland's SAFe® Template provides!


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