Ease Your Compliance Journey with Codebeamer Avionics Templates

  • Streamline airborne software development with the PTC Codebeamer DO-178C Software Avionics Template. 
  • Simplify the development of avionics hardware, including custom devices, Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) components and Circuit Board Assemblies (CBAs), with the PTC Codebeamer DO-254 and AMC-152A Hardware Avionics Template.
  • Explore the capabilities, features, and workflows of both templates. 

Follow aviation industry best practices, simplify compliance, and drive engineering excellence with PTC Codebeamer’s airborne hardware and software templates. Each template includes built-in best practices, processes, and work items for managing risk, development, and QA out of the box. Use the built-in artifacts as is or adjust them to your needs to implement mature development processes. 

Each template contains: 

  • Preconfigured artifacts and processes for aviation lifecycle management (requirements, defects, changes, risks, and support for verification activities) 
  • Predefined reports for traceability, test execution, and process objectives 

Download our informational brochure to learn how you can benefit from Codebeamer airborne hardware and software templates! 


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Discover Intland’s DO-178C Template for Avionics Systems Engineering

Find out how to:
  • Respond to challenges as a new entrant to the aviation industry: Lifecycle and Software Planning Process checklists
  • Minimize risks: custom workflows that boost DO-178C Compliance
  • Maximize effectiveness: built-in and automated configuration management activities
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