About our contributing expert

Dr. Siegmar Haasis

After 27 years of digitalization and leadership experience at Daimler (as CIO Asia/China and for 7 years as CIO R&D Mercedes-Benz worldwide), Dr. Siegmar Haasis started his own business in 2021 as a Digital Advisor. Siegmar advises OEMs and System Suppliers on Value-based Digital Transformation as well as Tech, Software, and IT Companies along a value-based go to market strategy. Visit Siegmar at HaasisDEC.com Digital Engineering Consulting.

Dr. Siegmar Haasis


Read our guide to Excellence in Automotive Software Engineering to learn about:

  • Key aspects of responding to the digital complexity challenge in automotive innovation
  • Modernizing architectures, methods, and tools for a digital future in mobility
  • Setting up teams for success and future-proofing development processes

Digital disruption is forcing players in the mobility industry to build out and master software engineering capabilities. With traditional carmakers (OEMs and suppliers) lagging behind in terms of digital maturity, modernization is very much necessary.

This eBook provides practical insights into mastering the development of automotive software, with a focus on development models and the use of Agile to accelerate innovation.

Download our guide to learn about key factors of maturity in automotive software innovation. Understand key aspects of responding to the digital complexity challenge to stay successful in an accelerating digital product environment!


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