Download our eBook about The Way Forward in Developing Products for the Internet of Things to better understand:

  • How digitalization is reshaping the product development landscape
  • How successful teams are connecting lifecycles in modern product innovation
  • How integrating suppliers, tools, and technologies is becoming a key success factor

The Internet of Things has brought about a fundamental and disruptive change in how we perceive, innovate, develop, and use products. Companies that so far have been limited to hardware manufacturing have to learn new ways to navigate software-heavy product innovation and a rapidly changing market landscape.

Managing the creation of products for the Internet of Things presents a new challenge that companies developing technology solutions are just beginning to realize. By ignoring the necessity to integrate hardware, softward, and service innovation and managing these segments as isolated processes is hindering development and inhibiting synergies.

An integrated approach to the management of the overarching product lifecycle is becoming necessary. Download this guide to better understand future product development challenges, and learn more about a possible solution.


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