Read this guide to Digital Transformation in Product Engineering for insights on:

  • How the market landscape is evolving
  • Adapting product delivery methods and integrating development streams
  • Overcoming the collaboration challenge in developing digital products

Digital technologies are permeating more and more industries and products. As the pace of digital transformation and tech innovation increases, product developers are facing new challenges. Shortening product cycle times; evolving customer demand requiring new solutions for mass customization; and competition from new, digitally savvy market entrants are all putting pressure on product innovators.

While all those challenges need to be overcome, digital transformation also brings new and lucrative market opportunities. In order to stay a step ahead and take advantage of a shifting market landscape, product innovators need to become adept at managing digital transformation within their own companies.

Download our guide to digital transformation in product engineering to understand how your company is affected, and how to adapt your development methods to keep pace with the changes. This eBook also provides practical information on unifying the parallel development streams of hardware and software, and overcoming the collaboration challenge this represents.


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