Download Intland's DevOps Guide on Implementing Continuous Integration & Delivery to learn more about:

  • The basics & history of DevOps including fundamental concepts and practices
  • The benefits of implementing DevOps
  • Tooling questions and factors to consider when evaluating platforms to support DevOps

DevOps helps break down silos between the various disciplines of software development, and offers the benefits of continuous delivery, better aligned development and operations teams, and more efficient release cycles.

By learning about the evolution of DevOps, you can better understand how it can foster improved collaboration and bridge the gaps between the various teams and processes contributing to the development lifecycle of a complex software product. Our DevOps Guide helps you understand how Agile, ALM, and DevOps are connected, and how DevOps can bring about widespread benefits including:

  • more frequent releases, faster time to market
  • increased efficiency
  • lower chance of costly failures.

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