Download PTC’s Veoneer Case Study to learn about:

  • How to empower global teams with an all-in-one ALM solution to support best in class product innovation
  • How Veoneer unified product, engineering, audit, compliance, and manufacturing teams on a common systems delivery process
  • How Veoneer gained end-to-end software, systems, and compliance visibility

Veoneer is a leading provider of automotive safety systems. This tier-one automotive supplier’s search for a new ALM solution was structured, methodical, and thorough. Veoneer selected PTC’s Codebeamer technology, due to its intuitiveness, and the ability to meet the automotive industry’s stringent compliance requirements.

This case study explores how Codebeamer has helped the company unify multiple departments under the 1V1P (1 Veoneer, 1 Process) umbrella. How Veoneer with the use of Codebeamer enabled key strategic initiatives.

The case study describes the evaluation and decision-making process, and the process of the implementation of Codebeamer for the entire business.


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