Download Intland's Navya Customer Case Study to learn more about how this digital mobility innovator:

  • Realized the limitations of its legacy toolset of spreadsheets, Jira, and other platforms
  • Overcame issues of visibility, traceability, and a lack of mature processes by switching to codebeamer
  • Tackles ISO 26262 compliance requirements using Agile development processes

Navya is a French automotive company specializing in the development of autonomous driving systems. Their development team’s velocity was hampered by insufficient tooling (a mix of Git, spreadsheets, Jira, and other platforms) and tool friction that made traceability difficult to achieve.

“Providing our company with the right tooling which helps us manage complexity is definitely an enabler that helps take our innovation to the next step. That’s where having the right tool can be a real differentiator.” – Jules Garbé, Head of Product Development, Navya

The company selected codebeamer to support Agile development in compliance with ISO 26262 regulatory requirements. Download this case study to understand Navya’s story of formalizing processes and supporting high-tech product development!


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