Download Intland's Fritz Stephan Customer Case Study to understand:

  • The challenges of using MS Word and Excel for requirements management in a highly regulated sector
  • The rigorous quality control processes that enable this MedTech developer to comply with medical and aviation regulatory standards at the same time
  • How using codebeamer enabled Fritz Stephan to implement a system of continuous compliance by using mature development processes

Fritz Stephan is an innovative German medical technology developer specializing in ventilation, anesthesiology and oxygen supply solutions with for neonatology and pediatrics use. The company's development team has started using codebeamer in April 2014 to overcome issues of collaboration, transparency, traceability, and compliance.

In addition to medical regulations, Fritz Stephan's products need to comply with certain avionics standards as well. Using codebeamer to design and enforce mature development processes, the company has been able to implement a system of continuous compliance. Auditors are delighted to see the company's automatically compliant processes & easily exportable reports.

Their new ALM platform brought internal and external collaboration to a new level, and other Fritz Stephan departments have soon started using codebeamer. They have since doubled their number of users, and Fritz Stephan manages the entire product development using codebeamer.


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