Download Intland's LeddarTech Customer Case Study to find out more about:

  • The limitations this digital mobility innovator was facing with its legacy tool environment consisting of Word and Excel files exchanged via email and shared folders
  • Factors considered by LeddarTech to modernize their toolchain to support ISO 26262-compliance
  • The benefits codebeamer delivers to LeddarTech in combining Agile and functional safety compliance

The legacy toolchain that LeddarTech had used before switching to integrated ALM will seem familiar to many developers of automotive technology: Word and Excel files were updated manually by the dev team and exchanged via email and shared folders. As in most cases, this toolchain resulted in limitations of collaborative editing, versioning friction, and difficult traceability.

To support their ISO 26262-compliant development of digital mobility technology, LeddarTech modernized their toolchain and chose codebeamer to drive that change. Today, they benefit from the platform's adaptability, automated recording of audit trails, and ability to support ISO 26262 compliance in an Agile environment.

Download the case study to learn more about LeddarTech's journey to integrated Application Lifecycle Management, and how this cutting-edge automotive developer uses codebeamer!


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