eSystems Customer Case Study

eSystems-customer-case-study-v2-593-840eSystems MTG GmbH is an automotive Tier 1 supplier working at the crossover of the energy and the automotive sectors. The company’s software development unit was an early adopter of codeBeamer ALM.

Using the unwieldy combination of MS Excel and open-source issue tracking tools that most companies know all too well, eSystems had been facing challenges that made compliance audits a source of headache.

Having switched to codeBeamer ALM in 2016, their audit preparation activities now take about 1 working day. Since the rollout, eSystems has come to rely on codeBeamer ALM in various ways, and the benefits are many.

In the case study, Alexander Bourgett, Head of Software Development at eSystems provides a quick summary of eSystems’ experience using codeBeamer ALM that speaks for itself: “It’s a lot better than any other system I know”. Fill in the form to access our case study that explores their journey, and understand how this automotive supplier has benefited from using our integrated Application Lifecycle Management tool.


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