Download Intland's DATATRAK Customer Case Study to better understand:

  • The challenges this clinical research company was facing using a combination of ticketing systems and manual tracking tools
  • The evaluation criteria considered during the analysis of Application Lifecycle Management solutions at DATATRAK
  • How the transition to modern ALM has impacted process visibility, traceability, and reporting in DATATRAK's clinical environment

Companies involved in the development of medical technology have to face increasing pressure to develop better quality products faster, all the while maintaining the quality, safety and reliability of their products.

DATATRAK, a company offering software solutions and consulting services to simplify clinical research, has chosen codebeamer to implement new processes to address issues with process transparency and artifact traceability. This case study explores how the company was able to reap major benefits by implementing this cutting-edge Application Lifecycle Management platform.

By using codebeamer as a central platform to manage all artifacts throughout the lifecycle and a single repository for all assets, DATATRAK was able to realize complete end-to-end traceability across all elements, and conveniently auditable quality controls.


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