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codeBeamer ALM's Official Scalability Performance Test Report 2017

codebeamer-alm-s-official-scalability-performance-test-report-2017-1.pngIn order to achieve the cost and time savings that integrated Application Lifecycle Management promises, high performance is vital. Yet some ALM platforms that claim to be enterprise-grade solutions under perform in a scaled environment.

In June 2017, we carried out a comprehensive performance testing session of codeBeamer ALM with 1,000 users, 10M artifacts, and 35,000 requirements. Testing showed that codeBeamer ALM worked swiftly and smoothly with 10 million work items, and was able to manage 35,000 artifacts (the number of requirements in a modern car's entire entertainment system) in a single file. Through its industry-unique data architecture, codeBeamer ALM provides traceability, scalability, and unmatched performance.

Download this report to find out more about our outstanding test results, and to compare the performance of codeBeamer ALM to that of its competitors. If your environment requires the management of an even larger volume of work items, please contact us for further information and performance data.


Please contact sales@intland.com for our updated 2018 Performance Test Report and for more information about high availability clustering!

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