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Summary: Intland Connect Annual User Conference 2020

Summary: Intland Connect Annual User Conference 2020This year, Intland Software’s Annual User Conference went online! With over 270 friends of Intland joining the virtual event and positive feedback from both speakers and attendees, the 2020 conference was a great success. Read on for our recap, and access recordings of this year’s talks by Volkswagen, Roche, McKinsey, Bertandt & more below!

Experts from the automotive sector, life sciences industries, and other safety-critical fields hold Intland Connect events in high regard. Events including our Annual User Conferences provide global innovators with a platform to come together, exchange best practices, and network with like-minded experts – all this in a laid-back and friendly environment.

In previous years, Intland’s events featured talks by experts representing prestigious companies like FESTO, Daimler, Bosch, Brose, Audi, BMW, McKinsey, and more.

Even as the pandemic forced us to go online, our commitment to hosting insightful talks was no different this year. In 2020, we had Roche Diagnostics, Volkswagen, McKinsey, Bertrandt, Adesso, and others deliver great sessions to an engaged audience. Going virtual allowed us to welcome even more attendees from Intland’s extended family: over 270 people joined us and our experts on 21-22 Oct 2020.

Watch video recordings of all the talks at this year's conference!

21 Oct: Life Sciences Day

After a warm welcome and opening remarks by Intland Software’s CEO Janos Koppany and our VP of Sales Houssem Ben Abderrahman, Roche helped us kick off the Life Sciences Day of Intland’s 2020 user conference.

In his humorous yet insightful keynote talk, Max Poprawe (Product Manager Requirements Engineering and Testing, Roche Diagnostics) got some help from stick figure Rita the Requirement to unpack the management of Design History Files in a digital environment. The talk also covered the topics of managing electronic records, e-signatures, and scope items using codeBeamer ALM.

Next up, Laszlo Katona gave an overview of what’s on Intland Sofware’s development roadmap for the Life Sciences industry. Breaking the news that Intland Retina will be rebranded to better fit our existing product offering, he gave a sneak peek into upcoming product updates around engineering and QA, cloud support, collaboration, approval management, as well as a range of usability improvements on the platform.

After some fun virtual networking time, Cosylab’s Jernej Plankar provided insights into an exciting use case of codeBeamer ALM. The platform is contributing to the development of a particle therapy solution by providing traceability, process visibility, and transparency across the lifecycle.

His talk was followed by Intland’s Functional Safety and Quality Expert Szabolcs Agai’s topic of Enabling Safe Medical Software Development through a Purpose-built Toolchain. Szaby’s talk zoomed in on the tooling challenges of delivering high-quality MedTech products, and outlined an approach to integrate the development lifecycle of future-ready digital health solutions.

Last but not least, it was over to Adesso’s Tanja Picker to talk about the Principles of Tool Validation and Infrastructure Qualification Using codeBeamer ALM. Tanja’s talk provided valuable help on navigating the regulatory landscape around tool validation for users of Intland’s ALM platform.

22 Oct: Automotive Day

Andreas Pabinger, Intland’s VP of the Automotive Business Unit kicked off the second day before handing over the virtual podium to Georg Doll (McKinsey Digital Munich). Mr. Doll’s keynote focused on managing the mounting complexity that characterizes the development of automotive technology today. Then, backed by Benjamin Engele, Andi Pabinger returned to provide an outline of Intland’s vision and product roadmap for the automotive industry.

Following a coffee break with yet another enjoyable virtual networking session, it was time for Volkswagen to take the stage. Dr. Stefan Bussmann (VW AG) talked about the IT aspects of developing ECU software using Intland’s tool. The VW Group uses codeBeamer ALM for managing requirements and testing in the development of ECUs. Dr. Bussmann’s talk touched on questions of rollout, integrations, security, and data privacy regarding VW’s company-wide implementation of codeBeamer ALM.

Next up, FutureLink’s Taha Boulaguigue talked about the strategic tooling decisions faced by automotive developers. His talk covered the modernization of legacy toolchains, with a focus on migrating from outdated ALM solutions to a state-of-the-art platform.

Before closing remarks, Bertrandt’s Lead Engineer Alexandros Velikis shared some valuable best practices around configuring project templates in codeBeamer ALM for regulated product development.

Watch all the video recordings from Intland's User Conference 2020!

All the talks at this year's virtual event have been recorded and are free to access on our website! Watch these recordings on-demand over on our Intland Connect Annual User Conference 2020 landing page!

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Intland Connect 2020 Annual User Conference

Thanks to all our speakers and attendees for joining us this year! We hope you all had a great time and will be able to put what you've learned to good use. We'd love to head your feedback about our first-ever virtual User Conference – please take 3 minutes to fill in our survey!

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