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Quick Insight into Managing Hybrid Software Development Methods

wfallThe purpose of adopting an Agile-Waterfall Hybrid software development approach is to create a more effective, efficient method of software development. Hybrid software development might be a solution for companies that have multiple teams using different methodologies for different purposes.

Agile-Waterfall Hybrid: Does it work?

The software development methodology you use really impacts both the culture and the performance of your company. Team members of a multi-team environment often use different methodologies, and some even combine Agile and Waterfall, two fundamentally different development methods, resulting in a Hybrid framework.

The first recommended step to hybridization is to establish the business metrics and to define KPIs to measure success. This can be difficult because Waterfall and Agile have their own strengths and weaknesses, and they measure success differently. The key point is to define KPIs that are consistent with business goals – profitability is, of course, key. The company culture should empower, and KPIs should challenge employees of all disciplines to contribute their share to the success of the company.

Adopting Scrum: A Starting Point for Agile Adoption

Companies can not shift from, or hybridize a traditional software development process to Agile from one day to the other. Adapting to Agile practices takes time and it is highly recommended to plan ahead, measure, and gather feedback from all stakeholders to reduce the risks and costs of the transition.

Scrum is one of the easiest implementations of Agile and therefore many organizations decide to implement Scrum as a starting point. Other more complex implementations such as SAFe® may be better suited to specific business models or types of enterprises.

No matter what development methodology you choose to adopt, codeBeamer Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) helps you manage the entire application lifecycle. To find out how, contact us with your questions, or start a free trial of our ALM platform.

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