Save the date: Intland Automotive Conference 24 Apr 2018

01-intland-automotive-conference-2018Leading companies at the forefront of automotive innovation will gather on 24 April in Park Hotel Stuttgart at the Intland Automotive Conference 2018. Save your seat at the event free of charge to connect with global pacesetters in automotive technology and to discuss the future of a fast-changing mobility industry.

Following the success of our 2017 user conference (which featured guest speakers from Bosch, Brose, Audi, AImotive, Lufthansa Industry Solutions, TÜV Nord & more), this year we are focusing on the automotive industry. The Intland Automotive Conference 2018 will feature talks by BMW, McKinsey, and VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie) to help you understand and adapt to a rapidly accelerating automotive revolution.

Transforming Automotive Landscape

The accelerating development and use of autonomous driving and related technologies (such as LiDAR, machine learning, visual data processing, etc) is causing a revolution in the automotive industry. Experts and analysts expect that connected, fully self-driving vehicles will hit the roads in just a few years, moving towards the vision of seamless mobility and thus reshaping the mobility industry as we know it. In the meantime, regulators are working hard to keep pace with technological advancement, tightening regulations on safety and product quality in an increasingly high-tech and accelerating mobility market. Companies developing products for the automotive industry will have to adjust to this shifting landscape.

At Intland Automotive Conference 2018, talks by market-leading automotive innovators and workshops by Intland topic experts will help you understand how exactly the mobility industry is transforming. Connect with global leaders in automotive technology, and join the discussion about strategies to adapt to these changes.

Talks by BMW, VDA, McKinsey and more

Kicked off by a keynote about the effects of digitalization in the automotive industry by Ludwig Neer of CAS Software, the conference boasts an impressive list of guest speakers. The morning session will continue with a talk about the opportunities and threats of a tightening regulatory landscape by Graham Smethurst of VDA (the German Association of the Automotive Industry).

With a talk titled Enabling Seamless Mobility: The Transformation of Automotive Development, BMW's Frederic Siepmann will explore how self-driving technology is redefining automotive development. Representing a global leader in automotive development, his talk will cover one of the most exciting areas of innovation that will enable seamless mobility very soon.

To provide a strategic perspective, Georg Doll from McKinsey will talk about how analysts expect the mobility industry to change in coming years. His talk will be followed by a presentation of Intland’s vision of accelerating development in a tightening regulatory environment. In this talk, Intland Software's Peter Haller will discuss how to increase tha pace of innovation without jeopardizing compliance with increasingly stringent automotive standards.

In the afternoon, parallel Automotive Garage Workshops will provide an interactive avenue to learn, ask questions, and exchange ideas with automotive industry professionals. Hosted by Intland topic experts, these workshops will cover the use of Agile and DevOps while maintaining compliance, using modeling in automotive development, and integrating the automotive value stream.

Read a summary of the Intland Automotive Conference 2018, and click for a list of our upcoming events!

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