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A Guide to Future-proofing Your Requirements Management

In a time of dramatically changing technology and market landscapes, a lot of development teams sit back and enjoy their tried and tested requirements management (RM) processes. But true maturity in software development is only achieved by continuous improvement. Download Intland Software’s free eBook to learn how you can stay ahead of the curve by responding to future challenges in requirements management today.

10 Success Factors of Future-proof RM

10 Success Factors of Future-proof Requirements Management

The huge impact that requirements engineering has on any software product developer's bottom line is recognized by a growing number of companies pressured by stiff market competition. Yet a conscious effort to adjust RM practices to fast-changing technology and market trends is often lacking. Our new eBook lists the most important success factors of requirements management today, helping you understand current trends and adjust your RM practices and toolset accordingly.

Preparing for future challenges today

Multi-layered product development for the Internet of Things, an increasing focus on collaboration in emerging development methodologies (Agile, DevOps, ChatOps, NoOps), and fractured legacy toolchains are some of the current issues in software development that will force software teams to update their practices.

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All of these affect requirements management, prompting far-sighted software executives to look for new ways to accurately define and efficiently manage requirements throughout increasingly complex development lifecycles.

Download our eBook below for an overview of the most important trends and challenges in requirements management in 2017. Analyze your current RM processes and toolset against this checklist to see if you’re ready for future challenges in developing software for a fast-paced, IoT-connected market.

Download our ebook:
10 Success Factors of Future-proof Requirements Management

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