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Release Announcement: Find Out What’s New and Noteworthy in Intland Retina 3.1!

retina-3-1-email-1Intland Retina 3.1 is now out! This latest version focuses on accelerating safety-critical product innovation and boosting collaboration among high-tech software engineering teams. 3.1 brings extended support for the Microsoft cloud ecosystem, and a new Validation Kit to streamline tool qualification. Read on to learn about the new and updated features in our Agile Requirements, Risk, and Test Management platform!

Let's start our version highlights with Retina's updated support for the Microsoft cloud and tool ecosystem. To learn more, visit our release announcement page for Intland Retina 3.1! Make sure you also sign up for our webinar on 14 Oct to see the new version in action.

Extended Microsoft Cloud and ecosystem support

Intland Retina’s SaaS offering was significantly improved in version 3.1. With this new release, Retina supports Microsoft Azure Cloud, is able to extend Azure DevOps for regulatory compliance, and better connects to MS Teams to streamline collaboration.

Microsoft Azure Cloud support

For teams wanting to save time on IT management and focus on innovation instead, Intland Retina 3.1 is now available on the Microsoft Azure Cloud! Intland Retina can now be deployed on the Azure cloud in under 5 minutes, providing a secure, scalable, and encrypted cloud instance for your teams. Having passed audits on security and best practices, Retina now has 100% Microsoft Azure compliance. For teams needing a customized solution, deployment is available on a private Azure cloud which enables you to seal off external access to your Retina instance.

Azure DevOps Pipeline integration

With version 3.1, you can simply extend Azure DevOps for regulatory compliance. Use templates to equip your teams with the right processes to enable compliance with ASPICE, medical technology regulations, and GAMP® 5 requirements. When updating to 3.1, you can also use our native test uploader for Microsoft Azure Pipeline to close the testing loop in your product QA. Look for our plugins on the Microsoft Visual Studio Marketplace!

Enhanced MS Teams integration

We have updated Retina’s existing connection to Teams: in addition to chatbots and notifications, we have added powerful features to our MS-certified Teams integration. Display Retina cardboards in Microsoft Teams to track spring, release, and project progress effortlessly.

Transparency in change control: Requirements comparison

To enhance collaboration in the tool, we have updated Retina’s change control capabilities. You can now compare the states of artifacts (requirements, test cases, use cases, and Wikis) across baselines or versions. Use this feature to trace changes in product specifications, documentation, or other items your teams work on!

Enhanced collaboration with the updated Review Hub and streamed comments

True to the platform’s roots, collaboration is a great area of improvement in Intland Retina 3.1. We have significantly enhanced the Review Hub to streamline teamwork: using a new sidebar, you can access detailed information and item metadata in the Review Hub. In version 3.1, the Hub can also display all the test steps of a test case submitted for review, simplifying approvals.

Commenting also received an update, enabling Retina to manage streamed comment threads. This way, you can reply to, accept, or reject comments on reviewed items – and comments submitted during reviews will be visible on the item’s comment history. Want to invite new collaborators to your review? Simply @mention them to send an invite!

To provide more flexibility in managing approvals, moderators can now simply add or remove items upon restarting a review. And for safety-critical teams working on regulated products, e-signatures are now fully 21CFR11-compliant, with both username and password required to e-sign reviews.

NEW: Free Viewer and Reviewer access

In Retina 3.1, we have added new limited-access user types to simplify external collaboration. Admins can provide restricted access to an unlimited number of users including suppliers, partners, consultants, or other external collaborators. Viewer users have read-only access to items. Use Reviewer users to enable outside stakeholders to participate in reviews, comment on artifacts, execute changes, and use FDA-compliant e-signatures.

Validation Kit for tool qualification

For teams operating in safety-critical industries with regulatory compliance needs, a Validation Kit is now available for Intland Retina 3.1. This Kit greatly simplifies and accelerates tool qualification as it contains hundreds of use cases with corresponding manual and automated test cases. Using these test artifacts help your team demonstrate that Retina is fir for use regulated development for its intended purposes. Use the all-new Validation kit to reduce tool qualification times and audit costs!

Intland Retina 3.1 also contains a variety of other improvements and an updated look and feel. To learn more, visit our Retina 3.1 release announcement page, and join the webinar on 14 Oct to find out ‘What is New in Intland Retina 3.1?’.