Release Announcement: Find out What is New in Codebeamer X 4.3!

Staying efficient in today’s competitive market is especially important, this recent version of Codebeamer X allows you to do that so that you can stay ahead of the curve. With the improvements to the Review Hub, editable description field during merge, reviewer license update, and many more usability and feature updates you can stay efficient while developing your products. Read on to learn more, join our release announcement or try the new version right away! 

Release Announcement: Find out What is New in Codebeamer X 4.3

In this latest release 4.3 of Codebeamer X, we are introducing a substantial number of updates to the Review Hub, and a variety of usability updates for your convenience. Version 4.3 brings item-based review statistics, Review Hub extensions with search and order capabilities, and the ability to skip finished test cases. 

Save time by skipping finished test cases 

When building multiple variations of a complex product, managing development time and costs is key. Because the Test Cases in the test run are not executed in the pre-set order if some Test Cases are skipped due to any reason it is difficult to find them in the list later. Finding that Test Case later can cost your team time. That’s why we’ve delivered skipping finished test cases, within test management in this latest version of Codebeamer X.  

This means that the user can filter out the not executed Test Cases in a test run and does not have to iterate through the whole set to find the open Test Cases. 

Simplify the review process 

Did you ever want to mass-edit the required status for the items in the review with mixed results or no results at all? In the previous version, the pop-up window overlapped with the reviewed item and its previous comments, which made it difficult to reflect on the item, since the content of those is not visible on the screen. Therefore, in version 4.3 of Codebeamer X, we are introducing a reject comment window extension with additional information. 

This allows the reviewer to accurately reflect on the rejected item by having access to the work item's description and other fields, and the previous review comments while writing the rationale.  

Simplify inspection with the Merge Cockpit 

Have you ever had the problem of going through the trackers, but for some reason you did not have the time to finish going through all of them? In this new version of Codebeamer X, we have installed a new page called Merge Cockpit. Using Codebeamer X 4.3 you can reduce the time you spend on inspecting all changes. 

You will be able to use Merge Cockpit when there are multiple suspected links that need to be handled. In Codebeamer X 4.3 Merge Cockpit allows you to inspect all changes in all trackers of your chosen workspace. So, you can save time in your process because there is no need to go through all trackers anymore. 

Further usability and UX updates 

That’s not all. Like with every release, we’ve also worked hard to ensure codebeamer X is easy and efficient to use. In 4.3 we’re bringing an enabled comment section during Test Step edit, the ability to highlight test parameters, and additional sections. To make the review process easier we reworked the Reviewer license and status mapping for the not review items or items with mixed results.  

To learn more about all these updates, visit the release announcement page. Ready to explore codebeamer X 4.3 in detail? Join our webinar on 12 Oct 2022, and start your free 30-day trial of the new version right away! 

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