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Release Announcement: Find out What is New in codebeamer X 4.2!

Complexity tends to be a huge challenge for teams developing sophisticated technology products. codebeamer X 4.2 is packed with features to help handle that complexity! With advanced reuse capabilities, personalized views, and automated data-rich custom reports, you can stay efficient and accelerate complex development processes. Read on to learn more, join our release announcement webinar, or try the new version right away!


Save time developing product variants with smart copy

When building multiple variations of a complex product, managing development time and costs is key. If your teams are not relying on mature reuse strategies, efficiency is bound to suffer. That’s why we’ve delivered smart copy, an all-new component reuse feature in codebeamer X 4.2!

Using smart copy, teams can simply reuse entire components (that is, sets of interlinked artifacts and the relations between them) from a library. These components can then be added to a new workspace to leverage existing items when a new product variant is being developed. With the history and references of all these reused items maintained, teams can save a great deal of effort and development time. Smart copy works across workspaces, supports baselining, and lets you merge data across copied items in both directions, greatly simplifying variant management!

Simplify regulatory submissions with automated export and reporting actions

Teams developing safety-critical products will value the automated export and reporting actions made available in codebeamer X 4.2! In environments where regulatory compliance is a concern, audit preparation can eat up valuable resources. Using codebeamer X 4.2, you can significantly reduce the effort it takes to build & export audit-ready reports.

When exporting data for internal or third-party collaborators, or when building documentation for audit submissions, codebeamer X 4.2 simply lets you attach reports to your documents. For example, you can easily attach the complete approval history report to the document being exported, ensuring the document is audit-ready. Export templates are also available, and you can automate the whole process by building it into the workflow. Just set up a workflow action to export rich reports to save manual effort and greatly reduce audit preparation times!

Personalized view settings to declutter your screen & improve focus

Data density is great, right? But in projects with a large number of trackers, artifacts, and collaborators, all that data can easily be too much of a good thing. The automated, personalized view settings in codebeamer X 4.2 help you sharpen your focus on crucial information by decluttering your screen.

As long as your session is open, codebeamer X 4.2 now automatically remembers your view settings and even the items in focus. Navigate away from and back to an item, and you’ll find your selection and view preferences (column width, order, focus, etc) maintained. To help you stay efficient, we’ve also implemented that same function in the Traceability Browser. At the item level, we’ve made the comment section collapsible so that you can save screen real estate and zoom in on what’s really important.

Further usability and UX updates

That’s not all. Like with every release, we’ve also worked hard to ensure codebeamer X is easy and efficient to use. In 4.2, we’re bringing better visibility to the Traceability Browser by highlighting connected work items. We’ve also made comments referencable with direct links: simply copy the comment’s URL to share & collaborate. To bring better visibility, we’ve also decreased the margins between fields, enabling codebeamer X 4.2 to fit 4 instead of 3 fields next to each other (if your screen resolution permits), and the comment section can now be collapsed.

Besides, to save time, we’ve added a simple and fast way to duplicate work items.

To learn more about all these updates, visit the release announcement page. Ready to explore codebeamer X 4.2in detail? Join our webinar on 14 Apr 2022, and start your free 30-day trial of the new version right away!

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