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Recap: Intland Automotive Conference 2018

auto-conf-2018-cta-email-ty-4Automotive experts and leading global companies at the forefront of automotive innovation gathered on 24 April in Park Hotel Stuttgart at the Intland Automotive Conference 2018. The event gave automotive experts an opportunity to connect, network, and discuss the future of a fast-changing mobility industry.

With over 100 attendees representing the largest German OEMs and automotive suppliers, and intriguing talks by speakers from BMW, McKinsey, VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie – German Association of the Automotive Industry) & more, this year’s automotive conference was a highly successful event.

Understanding the Automotive Revolution

Ludwig Neer from CAS Software kicked off the event with his keynote speech about digitalisation. His talk, subtitled Fighting Fire with Fire in an Increasingly Software-heavy Economy, provided context around the exponentially increasing role of software in automotive products (“software on wheels”). Mr Neer also emphasized the growing focus on usability as the software content of mobility products is becoming the center of attention.

To help attendees understand and adapt to the regulatory aspects of a rapidly accelerating automotive revolution, Graham Smethurst from the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA - Verband der Automobilindustrie) gave a speech titled Regulatory Environment in an Autonomous Future. In his talk, Mr Smethurst clarified the distinction between assisted, automated, and autonomous driving, and analyzed the legal framework as well as the regulatory challenges around these technologies.

With Germany aiming to become the lead market for the introduction of automated driving technology, VDA’s autonomous mobility working group is well positioned to contribute to the work of resolving regulatory challenges. Ensuring automotive product safety and data security without hindering technical innovation or competition is the primary challenge of regulators worldwide, who should be working towards the harmonization of the legal framework globally.

Next, BMW’s Harald Vogel gave a talk on how self-driving technology is redefining automotive development. BMW’s autonomous development team switched to the LeSS framework to support the parallel work of multiple Agile teams. In his talk, Mr Vogel explained how this transition to a lean Agile mindset and adaptive methods helps focus on customer value in today’s accelerating automotive development landscape.

Last but not least, McKinsey’s Georg Doll gave a strategic perspective on how software-based solutions are reshaping automotive electronics and architecture. This McKinsey article, co-authored by Mr Doll, aptly explains the points he made on the future of automotive electrical or electronic architectures during his insightful presentation.

Following these talks by our guest speakers, Intland Software’s vision of accelerating development in a tightening regulatory environment was presented by Mr Peter Haller. His presentation analyzed Intland’s solutions to harmonize the requirements presented by accelerated collaboration in Agile development, a tightening regulatory landscape, and the data management challenges of complex product development. (Learn more about the latest updates to codeBeamer’s feature set addressing these issues, and more.)

After taking a break for lunch and some networking, attendees had a chance to pick a workshop session they were most interested in:

  • Accelerating innovation in automotive development – Attendees of this session learnt about the use of collaborative and Agile (DevOps) product development and product line management practices in automotive development.
  • Autonomous technology from a functional safety perspective – Moderated by Intland’s functional safety expert Ms Adela Beres, this session gave attendees a chance to understand how to respond to future challenges in automotive innovation.
  • codeBeamer ALM & Enterprise Architect integration – With the help of LieberLieber’s expert, this popular workshop session focused on the use of UML modeling and Enterprise Architecture in Application Lifecycle Management, and codeBeamer ALM’s integration with EA.

Overall, this year’s Intland Automotive Conference was a great success. Over a hundred leading experts from global automotive companies exchanged ideas on driving automotive innovation and preparing for the challenges of a shifting mobility landscape. Let us thank all our guests, speakers, and partners for joining us! We hope you found the conference insightful, and we look forward to meeting you again.