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PTC Integrates Codebeamer Into Their Product Family

PTC’s latest Codebeamer product release offers seamless integration with Windchill using the OSLC standard to connect the Engineering Digital Thread.


“As products become increasingly complex, manufactures face challenges like never before,” said Christoph Braeuchle, PTC’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of ALM. “Take the automotive industry for example where the exponentially growing amount of software in cars controls all innovative and often safety-critical features. Modern electric cars would not exist without the software that meanwhile comprises the bulk of their commercial value. This raises entirely new challenges for manufacturers as they must master both hardware and software development.”

Mechanical, electrical, electronics, hardware and software development teams each have unique needs, using different tools and methodologies. PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) tools, such as Windchill, manage parts, models, and documents. While ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) solutions like Codebeamer automate software development and deployment processes, to increase productivity and ensure regulatory compliance. Usually, software development teams follow agile methodologies. 

How can companies bring these different solutions together, enabling all teams to benefit from the best of both worlds?

Integrating PLM and ALM systems enhances visibility across the engineering digital thread, provides agility to quickly react to changing needs, and guarantees the ability to capture and manage evolving requirements, all while allowing for complete end-to-end traceability.

Codebeamer now seamlessly connects with Windchill via OSLC, allowing engineers to link and trace between Windchill PLM parts to Codebeamer items like requirements or tests. A smooth overall user experience is ensured by Single-Sign On, links viewable in both directions, and automatic link suspecting following changes.

Register for our ALM Product Team update to learn more about Codebeamer’s latest release as well as other exciting announcements for Windchill RV&S and Windchill Modeler.

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