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Recap of REConf 2015: Bridging Gaps, Connecting People

As the largest conference for requirements management in Europe, REConf (organized by the HOOD Group) is one of the major events for industry experts every year. 2015 was no exception. As gold sponsors of the event, Intland Software had a chance to meet professionals and learn about the latest developments in the field of requirements engineering. Here’s a short recap of our experiences on this year’s Requirements Engineering Conference.

Reevaluating The Way Requirements Are Managed


Talks, workshops and presentations by renowned experts have covered various aspects of requirements management. In his keynote, Dr. Ralph R. Young addressed the importance of changing requirements, and tailored requirements databases as opposed to documented specifications, one of the main topics of the event.

His keynote talk wasn’t the only one dealing with seemingly fundamental questions: in fact, a streak shared by most talks was the apparent need to reevaluate the very basics of how requirements management is viewed, in the face of the changing market environment. As outlined by the joint talk given by Janos Koppany, CEO of Intland Software and Dr. Hagen Schorcht of Lufthansa Systems, embedded software and IoT-connectivity greatly affects most lifecycles and processes, including those of requirements management.

reconf_2015_costumeAlong those thoughts, the usability (UI) aspect of embedded software was a topic discussed by Dr. Svenja Borchers and David Schumm of TWT Science & Innovation. In their talk, they have outlined a process to define UI catalogs, guidelines and patterns to help elicit requirements for a consistent, intuitive and overall user-friendly interface.

Understanding change and controlling scope within a complex set of requirements, new practices of Agile product discovery, and the use of social media in requirements engineering were all interesting topics discussed in a number of talks by knowledgeable experts.

With several hundred attendees, both exhibitors and industry experts, REConf was another major event that we’re proud to have been part of. We’re looking forward to meeting you at next year’s REConf!

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