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Ovum Analyst White Paper: Intland codeBeamer Realizes the Benefits of ALM


UPDATE March 2016: Ovum have released their latest report on ALM solutions and vendors in March 2016. The report, titled Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting an Application Lifecycle Management Solution, 2016–17 evaluates 12 vendors in the ALM space, and recognizes codeBeamer ALM as a market leader in the field of Application Lifecycle Management. Click the link to access the report.

Intland Software is proud to announce a new white paper by Ovum on the lifecycle-wide capabilities of codeBeamer ALM. In their paper titled One solution for all ALM disciplines, Ovum's independent analysts found that a rising number of companies are choosing to replace their previous mix of tools with a single holistic ALM platform, realizing widespread benefits throughout the organization.

Companies developing large software applications face rapidly mounting levels of complexity and software code volume, forcing them to adopt new strategies and tools to manage their development processes. As development accelerates and becomes more collaborative, adopting disconnected best of breed software tools cannot deliver the benefits of traceability and lifecycle integration. Ovum sees the main benefit of a holistically integrated ALM solution as enabling seamless process management across the lifecycle.

The paper also reports that instead of a slow transition process, large engineering companies are opting for a rip-and-replace rollout of a single standard ALM solution such as codeBeamer for immediate advantages. 

"Intland is aiming to create a revolution in how ALM is used in organizations: to use a single holistic ALM solution that delivers the same functionality as a collection of ALM tools, and is affordable on par with spot solution tools."

– One solution for all ALM disciplines, Ovum

The white paper, subtitled Intland codeBeamer realizes the benefits of ALM finds that as a holistic and organically integrated ALM solution, codeBeamer helps manage the complexity of elaborate development projects and provides a single lifecycle-wide view of your projects.

Backed by two case studies with Lufthansa Systems and FESTO, the paper analyzes the pain points and scenarios leading to the adoption of ALM tools, as well as the benefits realized in an integrated ALM environment. Find out what problems leading global companies could overcome with the use of codeBeamer ALM, and how they see the benefits of integrated Application Lifecycle Management.

One solution for all ALM disciplines: Intland codeBeamer realizes the benefits of ALM

Access the eBook to learn from independent analysts about the use cases and advantages of adopting an integrated ALM tool. Have any questions? Reach out to us!

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