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Ovum Analyst White Paper: Intland codeBeamer Realizes the Benefits of ALM


UPDATE March 2016: Ovum have released their latest report on ALM solutions and vendors in March 2016. The report, titled Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting an Application Lifecycle Management Solution, 2016–17 evaluates 12 vendors in the ALM space, and recognizes codeBeamer ALM as a market leader in the field of Application Lifecycle Management.

Intland is proud to announce a new white paper by Ovum about codeBeamer ALM. In their paper titled One solution for all ALM disciplines, Ovum's independent analysts found that a rising number of companies are choosing to replace their previous mix of tools with a single holistic ALM platform, realizing widespread benefits throughout the organization. What's more, the paper also reports that instead of a slow transition process, large engineering companies are opting for a rip-and-replace rollout of a single standard ALM solution such as codeBeamer for immediate advantages.

The white paper, subtitled Intland codeBeamer realizes the benefits of ALM finds that as a holistic and organically integrated ALM solution, codeBeamer helps manage the complexity of elaborate development projects and provides a single lifecycle-wide view of the project.

Finally, the white paper also suggests that codeBeamer is creating a revolution in the field of ALM by delivering advanced functionality with complete integration, all at an affordable price.