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Offline Testing: Product QA in Extreme Conditions

offline-testing-test-product-extreme-conditionsIn industries such as automotive, pharmaceutical, nuclear, and even medtech development, product testing is often carried out in special environments. In remote or isolated locations, or due to extreme weather conditions, the infrastructure to upload test results is not alway present. codeBeamer ALM’s new offline testing feature helps get around that problem.

Testing in special environments

The car industry’s favourite testing locations include the city of Arjeplog, Sweden, where they make use of the numbing cold, frozen lakes, and other winter conditions that are difficult to find elsewhere reliably. Arizona’s desert test tracks provide the opposite: scorching heat and lots of dust to make sure new models work reliably even in the hottest summer weather.

Major automobile companies all have their automotive testing bases in similar remote locations that enable them to test their new cars in extreme conditions for safety and reliability before they are put on the market.

In pharmaceutical, medical, and aviation product development, a part of testing may be carried out in cleanrooms. Cleanrooms are isolated, controlled environments where the number of particles per cubic meter is kept to a minimum to avoid contamination.

These special environments provide the unusual conditions necessary for the thorough testing of these products. But for technicians conducting the testing processes, they can also mean a problem. More often than not, these remote, highly secure, or isolated locations don’t offer the infrastructure available in the comfort of their offices back home. Without wireless connections, managing test data and sharing it with headquarters for real-time collaboration is impossible.

Offline testing with codeBeamer ALM

Where infrastructure access is limited or prohibited, codeBeamer ALM’s new offline testing feature is a handy addition to any test technician’s toolset.

This new feature set enables you to download test runs to a mobile application, and tests anywhere while offline. With offline testing, you can prepare comprehensive test sets on your desktop computers in the office, then just download those tests on your smartphone before you arrive at the testing location.

Naturally, you can also add photos, videos, or text comments to your items during testing to make sure all the details of test results and potential problems are captured. All this data added while offline will be saved by the app. Once back online, your test results will be uploaded and synchronised to codeBeamer ALM’s central repository so that engineers back in the office can pitch in.

Offline testing in codeBeamer ALM makes it easy for product developers to essentially bridge the gap between remote testing locations and headquarters. Regardless of infrastructure conditions, developers involved in pharma production, nuclear project management, automotive, aviation, and medical device product Quality Assurance can stay connected and efficiently collaborate to ensure the safety and reliability of their products.

Want to learn more about offline testing? Click below to watch our webinar recording from 23 May 2018. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us!

  Offline Testing: How to Test Your Product in Extreme Conditions?

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