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codeBeamer 7.9: Queries, Gantt-charts, JIRA® Integration & more

What is new in codeBeamer Release 7.9?codeBeamer's latest release 7.9 further expands our ALM solution's advanced functionality, strengthening its capabilities making it an ideal choice to manage the complexity of large-scale development projects. A brand new feature to create custom queries helps you find anything, anywhere. Release management is further supported by interactive Gantt charts. codeBeamer's JIRA® integration is now bidirectional, thus helping you ensure data consistency throughout your entire lifecycle.

This blog post will give you a quick overview of the most important improvements and features that codeBeamer 7.9 offers. To learn more about this latest release of codeBeamer ALM, join our webinar on 27 Apr 2016 titled What is New in codeBeamer's Latest Release 7.9?

Find anything, anywhere, any time with queries

Complex development projects have the tendency to become difficult to oversee. That's why codeBeamer offers dashboards and wiki plugins to create custom reports, and a variety of other features. Further expanding your toolset to manage complexity, codeBeamer 7.9 brings queries that allow you to filter and search for any item, even across projects. In addition to preconfigured, built-in basic queries (such as work items 'Submitted by me', 'Assigned to me', and 'Recently viewed'), you can now use codeBeamer's own query language (cbQL – for more info, see its dedicated wiki page) to create your own custom queries. You can save these queries to your favourites, and share them with other members of your team.

This new feature supports the efficient and convenient management of all your projects and tasks, as saved queries can help you find relevant work items in a matter of seconds.

Visualize and manage releases using Gantt charts

codeBeamer 7.9 offers interactive Gantt charts to help you visualize and efficiently manage your releases and sprints. In addition to giving you a nice overview of all your development processes, as well as over how they are progressing against plans (with statistics to help you report on the progress), the Gantt chart also allows you to edit your releases directly.

Just use its convenient drag and drop interface to edit your sprints and releases – all your updates will automatically take effect on the releases and sprints affected. Thus, the Gantt chart effectively supports the management of a large number of sprints and releases.

Ensure data consistency using codeBeamer's bidirectional integration with JIRA®

codeBeamer ALM has always been easy to integrate in preexisting development environments. Out of the box integrations with various tools support data consistency, custom integrations via REST API are easy to create, and the addition of BPM capabilities to codeBeamer's workflow engine have made it possible to simply connect processes and data throughout all processes of the development lifecycle.

Adding to this list, codeBeamer's JIRA integration has now been extended to be bidirectional, allowing you to maintain data consistency across tools, teams and departments. This integration allows you to edit work items on the fly either in JIRA or in codeBeamer, with all edits being replicated in both tools. The automatic syncing of data can happen as often as every 2 minutes, making sure that data accessible to all your teams is always up to date and consistent. codeBeamer allows you to work with large numbers (over 10,000) of requirements conveniently.

Support your modeling and development via our bidirectional MATLAB Simulink integration

Your product development processes are now easier to overview and manage, and better linked to requirements using codeBeamer's bidirectional integration with MATLAB Simulink. This integration enables linking Simulink model elements with work items in codeBeamer ALM, such as user stories, requirements, test cases, and other trackers. Therefore, the integration helps ensure complete traceability from basic model and requirements through development all the way to the released product.

+ Usability Improvements

Further usability improvements, in a nutshell:

  • LDAP/AD modifications: you can now map groups from LDAP/AD, and manage user invitations from LDAP via email.
  • The document view has been updated with hotkeys, the ability to add work items easily, and to display relations and related work item descriptions.
  • codeBeamer's test management functionality received a major update. You can now reuse test runs, and reuse test cases using a baseline, skip test parameters, import test sets from Excel via a Groovy script, and insert images from the clipboard into your test results page.
  • Improvements regarding security aim to increase protection against several attach methods.
  • Baselines now support the Traceability Browser. You can save and reload your preset options in the Traceability Browser.
  • For a full list of changes & improvements, click here.

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