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codeBeamer ALM 9.0 is Released!

Unparalleled Collaboration, Simplified Audits, Product Line Management & more: Find out What is New in codeBeamer ALM 9.0!

Save software product line management costs with re-use, branching, and merging. Cut compliance audit times with the Audit Trail feature. Achieve unparalleled collaboration using ChatOps. Easily integrate your ALM with 50+ tools. Introducing codeBeamer ALM 9.0, the latest release of our market-leading Application Lifecycle Management platform.

Advanced Product Line Management & Reuse

branching-baselining-merging-comparing-6 codeBeamer ALM 9.0 is Released! ALM news

The Variants Package introduced in codeBeamer ALM 9.0 offers smart functionality to manage complex software product lines. The Variants Package saves you costs, time, and effort in managing product commonality and variability. Maintain your competitive edge by offering many product features and variations without driving up the costs of development.

codeBeamer’s new features let you create development branches off a master development trunk, compare and merge branches, and create baselines. Upon merging, you’ll have granular control over what gets merged and what doesn’t. Reuse artifacts, product components, and processes to cut the costs of product verification and compliance. You can now reuse requirements with the test cases that verify them, ensuring full test coverage and helping you save Quality Assurance time and costs.

(Note that codeBeamer 9.0’s Product Variants Package feature set is available as an add-on. For more information, please visit our pricing page.)

Audit Trail Reports to Simplify Compliance Audits

audit-trail-2-336x143 codeBeamer ALM 9.0 is Released! ALM news

Did you ever have to scramble to conjure up compliance reports before an audit? Say goodbye to costly, stressful, and lengthy audit preparation processes with codeBeamer 9.0’s all-new Audit Trail Report feature set. codeBeamer automatically records all your lifecycle data, and stores it in its central repository. The Audit Trail Report lets you access all the data relevant for your audits in a simple, always up-to-date, and easy to export format. The Audit Trail dashboard shows you all changes to your trackers, fields, workflows and transition diagrams, and even an overview of current permissions.

Enter the New Era of Enterprise Collaboration with ChatOps

codeBeamer ALM 9.0 lets you implement conversation-driven development in an enterprise setting using ChatOps. Relying on integrations with Slack and Mattermost, codeBeamer’s ChatOps functionality brings the power of ALM right to your chat window. The new ChatOps functionality is now available free of charge during the early access period.

Organize your communication in chat channels, build custom bots, and use simple commands to execute actions in your ALM tool without leaving chat. Attach conversations to ALM work items for maximum transparency. ChatOps lets you accelerate enterprise teamwork. It’s mobile-ready, and connects codeBeamer ALM with 100+ software tools integrated with Slack (including Github, Google Drive, JIRA, Zendesk, Jenkins CI, and dozens more). Use Slack to integrate with AI systems, PLM, PDM and other systems without having to do any programming.

chatops-slack codeBeamer ALM 9.0 is Released! ALM news

Integrations with 50+ tools

codeBeamer’s list of integrations has been extended and improved with smart choices. Over 50 tools are now connected to our ALM platform, ensuring simple collaboration both within and outside your team. Enjoy the smooth flow of work internally and seamless data transfers as you work with suppliers and 3rd party stakeholders.

Our customers already benefit from a long list of integrations offered by codeBeamer out of the box (including IBM® Rational® DOORS®, MS Office, Enterprise Architect, Jenkins, HP-QC, VectorCAST, Cantata, etc). Our bidirectional JIRA Connector was completely refactored in codeBeamer 9.0. Please note that previous versions ares no longer supported. During the early access period, the Atlassian JIRA® Bidirectional Connector is available free of charge. For DevOps teams, new integrations are offered with Docker and Kubernetes.

Being connected to the Tasktop Integration Hub, codeBeamer ALM is now integrated with 50+ software development platforms including IBM RTC, CA Agile Central, Jama, VersionOne, Polarion, HPE ALM, and more. If you’re using software systems that codeBeamer ALM doesn’t offer integrations with, Tasktop is a cost-effective solution to ensure data consistency and unlimited collaboration across your teams and tools.

Granular Filtering Options

advanced-filtering-1-336x128 codeBeamer ALM 9.0 is Released! ALM news Access the data you need, right when and where you need it. codeBeamer 9.0 lets you use smart logic to refine your searches, allowing you to stay focused on productive work.

New and advanced filtering options let you create personalized views to access any and all lifecycle information with a few clicks. You can now search, filter, group, and order data in custom views, and share these useful views with your team.

To learn more about what is new in codeBeamer ALM 9.0, watch our webinar recording "What is new in codeBeamer ALM 9.0?" on 22 Nov 2017. Ready to start? Download a 30-day trial, or request a free 1-on-1 demo of codeBeamer ALM 9.0!

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