codeBeamer 7.8: BPM Workflow Engine, Safety-Critical Templates & more

What is new in codeBeamer 7.8?codeBeamer ALM's new version 7.8 brings game changing features and capabilities to the world of Application Lifecycle Management. Along with several usability and performance improvements, its extended feature set includes Business Process Management, preconfigured project templates for the medical, automotive and avionics industries, and enhanced testing capabilities.

This blog post aims to provide an overview of the most important improvements and features that codeBeamer 7.8 offers. To learn more about this version, watch the recording of our webinar on 9 Dec 2015 titled What is new in codeBeamer 7.8?.

New Workflow Engine: BPM in ALM

PLM-ALM integration is currently one of the most widely discussed topics in the software industry. codeBeamer's latest version 7.8 goes a bit further, as it lets you connect and automate practically all kinds of processes. With its most powerful workflow engine so far, codeBeamer can now be configured to pull in data from emails, trigger the automatic creation of various work items, and to perform further, fully customizable actions. What's more, baselines can also be automatically created based on certain conditions, letting you automate the release & documentation of your products, greatly supporting compliance audits.

Using codeBeamer 7.8, you can map complex processes, and create sophisticated, automated multi-level workflows to support these processes throughout the product lifecycle.

Safety-critical Templates for Compliance

Three new templates are available upon request in codeBeamer 7.8, all of them preconfigured specifically for certain safety-critical industries. Medical, Automotive and Avionics development is supported by flexibly customizable templates that contain preconfigured artifacts and workflows, as well as thorough documentation on relevant standards.

All three templates help ensure gapless traceability along the lifecycle, and complete process control to support compliance validation audits. Documentation and reporting is also supported via automatic change control, dedicated documents trackers, and easy-to-use baselining.

Intland's Medical IEC 62304 Template comes preconfigured for compliance with IEC 62304, the risk management standard ISO 14971, and medical-specific regulations such as IEC 60601. The template also supports adherence to the requirements of FDA's relevant standards such as Title 21 CFR Part 11, which contains stipulations regarding e-signatures.

Intland's Automotive ISO 26262 Template helps developers working for software used in the automotive industry in developing high quality, compliant products. The template comes with a powerful risk management feature set, and is preconfigured to help IEC 61508 and ISO 26262 compliance, while also supporting ISO 15504 (ASPICE) and CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration).

Intland's Avionics DO-178C Template supports companies in the development of safe and reliable airborne flight equipment. codeBeamer's risk management capabilities, documentation & reports, and custom artifacts and workflows can be used (and flexibly customized) to suit the needs of avionics developers aiming to comply with relevant industry regulations such as DO-178C (and its predecessor DO-178B).

Test Management & Brand New Test Coverage Browser

Our ALM's Test Management feature set also received major updates. The Test Coverage Browser can now be filtered to display covered / not covered items, or to only show the coverage of certain releases or sprints. Statistics are now available, giving you a simple and efficient overview of your teams' testing activities. Naturally, data can be simply exported to Word or Excel.

codeBeamer's Jenkins integration now supports performance and unit test plugins. Several usability improvements target codeBeamer's test-related capabilities: updated test run filtering, and enhanced reuse options are available, making codeBeamer 7.8 our strongest version in testing so far.

+ Usability Improvements

Further usability improvements, in a nutshell:

  • The Word import got a complete rework, and is now able to handle non well-formatted documents, tables in Word docs, and offers filtering abilities.
  • Updated release dashboard can display & filter referenced work items and test runs (with burn down chart).
  • You can now create baselines based on tracker or document folder.
  • codeBeamer can now display changes on document view based on a baseline.
  • For a full list of changes & improvements, click here.

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