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New Version Available: Find out what’s New and Noteworthy in codebeamer X 4.0!

We’re proud to announce the most advanced version of codebeamer X yet! This latest release codebeamer X 4.0 brings a host of usability updates, a new MS OneDrive integration, reworked ReqIF export-import functionality, and PDF merging to help simplify your regulatory submission processes.

Read on to find out what else is new, join the release announcement webinar on 26 Aug 2021, or try codebeamer X 4.0 right away!


New look & feel and enhanced usability

With this latest version, we drew on Google’s Material Design concept to deliver an even more intuitive user experience and a user interface that’s a feast for the eyes!

Besides revamping the look and feel of codebeamer X, we have also tweaked the UI to further enhance usability. The updated editing and saving process not only provides better stability and more convenient use, it also offers a better indication of the saving process and the outcome so you can always be 100% sure your changes are actually saved.

We’ve added a new item context menu to the List and Document Views where you can conveniently access all item-related actions. When using the Document View in 4.0, you’ll notice it has also been updated: a Word-like structure provides a better overview of hierarchies for your convenience. For an even smoother experience, we’ve implemented a system-wide update of how primary and secondary buttons work – what you’ll notice is that all the functions you’re looking for are right at your fingertips!

Microsoft OneDrive integration for seamless collaboration

We’ve expanded codebeamer X’s integrations with the ecosystem of commonly used tools. Adding to our existing Google Drive connection, version 4.0 introduces a new integration with MS OneDrive to enable smooth collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.

This integration lets you easily edit Office documents in the cloud using OneDrive. With this latest version, you can simply create or upload documents through OneDrive and access them in codebeamer X. In addition, project admins have received new and powerful tools that let them easily manage authentication and unlock documents for editing in this new version of codebeamer X.

Smoother interoperability with the updated ReqIF export/import feature

codebeamer X 4.0 brings updates to the way the system handles Requirements Interchange Format (ReqIF) files. We’ve reworked the import dialogue to allow the more granular mapping of relations, fields, and options upon importing ReqIF files. To save time and effort when exporting testing artifacts, codebeamer X 4.0 lets you very simply select which test cases to include in the ReqIF export.

Streamline audits with the all-new PDF document merging

Preparing regulatory submissions for audits can be a pain. By enabling the simple merging of PDF documents for export, codebeamer X 4.0 greatly reduces the effort your teams put into the process. Using this feature lets you attach a document’s approval history to the document itself, exporting them together (along with the approver’s name, role, signature, and timestamp) – ready for submission! This new feature also comes in handy for reporting: merge multiple reports in one PDF and export them together to make sure your stakeholders have all the data they need.

Overall, a range of UI, usability, and feature updates make codebeamer X 4.0 our best release yet. To discover the new version, visit the new release’s page, join our webinar on 26 Aug 2021, or take codebeamer X 4.0 for a test drive right away!

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