New Version Available: Announcing codebeamer X 3.3!

If you think that the most important update in Intland Retina’s latest version is that the name has changed to codebeamer X, you’re in for a treat. cbX 3.3 brings a variety of updates and improvements including an integration with Google Drive, and several updates around validation, reporting, testing, intelligent forms to add business logic to your workflows, and more!

Join our release announcement webinar on 12 May, or take the new version for a test ride!


Updated document export for smarter reports

We’ve updated codebeamer X’s document management functionality to enable the merging of documents upon export. This way, you can very simply create a new report (for instance, showing the document’s approval history or all of its references), and merge this report with the actual document when exporting. The result? Convenient access to all the required information in one place. This feature greatly simplifies regulatory submissions and supports efficient collaboration.

Extend Google Drive for regulatory purposes

Google Drive is a universally used and loved cloud-based document storage & collaborative editing tool. The only thing it lacks is workflows. The new Google Drive integration in codebeamer X 3.3 changes that!

You can now simply ‘Edit in Cloud’ to do all your editing with Google’s tools (Docs, Sheets, or Slides) – then use cbX to add workflows to those documents. Use 3.3 to review, approve, e-sign, publish, or baseline your documents stored and edited on Google Drive, extending Google’s tools for regulatory purposes.

Enhance flexibility in testing with unlimited test step fields

codebeamer X 3.3 lets you add an unlimited number of custom test step properties when defining or executing test cases for enhanced flexibility and granularity in product QA. Enable your testers to upload test result evidence or any other attribute as you see fit.

Advanced Word templates for better reporting

codebeamer’s cBQL Word templates are now available in codebeamer X! Use codebeamer’s proprietary cBQL query language to build custom reports, and use these reports in your Word export templates. What’s more, you can now export not only items but also documents using Word templates!

Build intelligent forms with business logic for your workflows

Intelligent forms help you increase efficiency in your workflows. Using the new ‘Hide If’ formula, you can easily integrate business logic into your forms by showing/hiding fields based on set conditions. Provide users with a clean and easy-to-overview interface by removing irrelevant attributes automatically, based on the conditions you set.

Excited about the new features? Join our release announcement webinar on 12 May to learn more, or start your free trial of codebeamer X 3.3  right away!

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