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New Release: Find out What’s New and Noteworthy in Codebeamer 22.10!

We’re happy to announce the release of Codebeamer’s new version 22.10 - LTS! This latest and greatest version brings a variety of ways to handle large and complex projects. We’ve also made updates to early access to GitHub integration and more. Read on to find out what is new and join our release announcement webinar for 22.10 on 16 Nov 2022! 


Codebeamer 22.10-LTS makes it way easier to handle projects, thanks to a range of improvements made to integrations, improved handling of Tracker inheritance, the basic extension of the standard Baseline of reused Test Steps, and more.

Save time with the editable Item Template Content 

Teams managing large and complex projects with loads of artifacts will greatly value the new features in 22.10-LTS that we’ve implemented to the Item Template Content. The improvement we made to the Item Template will be useful when you need to modify the content of an Item Template. This latest version of Codebeamer now offers the option of editing the Item instead of having to create a new item Template if you need to change the Item on which the Template is based. 

Export Working-Set to ReqIF 

Administrators will appreciate the feature we have implemented to accelerate administration by being able to export work items from trackers of a specific Working-Set. Project administrators can select a Working-Set during ReqIF export, so work items in Working-Sets can be exported easily. 

Early access GitHub Integration 

If previously you wanted to see which part of the code was changed during GitHub integration, you will value this update we have added. This new version of Codebeamer can fetch information for external GitHub services and store these for traceability. This new added benefit makes it visible which part of the code was changed and when during the process. 

Review Hub Checklist support 

You will appreciate this new feature we have implemented into the Review Hub, this will make the review process, smoother and faster. Many formal reviews require checking a product against a set of rules defined in a checklist. The Review Hub enables reviewers to use a checklist during the review. 

A variety of usability enhancements 

We’ve implemented a range of usability improvements to make your use of Codebeamer 22.10-LTS even more pleasant and efficient. Some of the most important ones: 

  • For easier and quicker filtering & handling we redesigned the Coverage and Test Run Browser filter, making it easier to handle a large number of items 
  • For easier navigation and selection due to the hierarchical structure of test cases and test sets, we added a folder structure from the project to the test plan 
  • To allow for easier work with the consolidation and filtering upgrades we added a basic extension of standard Baseline functionality: Consolidation and additional sorting and filtering, that can help you when working with the baseline screens 
  • To allow for more flexible Test Case management, and a better User Interface when handling reused Test Steps, we added some Test Step Reuse usability changes 

Want to learn more about Codebeamer 22.10-LTS? Visit the release announcement page, join our webinar on 16 Nov 2022, and take the new version for a test drive

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