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New release: Find out what’s new and noteworthy in codebeamer 22.04!

We’re happy to announce the release of codebeamer’s new version 22.04! This latest and greatest version brings a variety of ways to handle large and complex projects. We’ve also made updates to accelerate data export, as well as adding a whole range of usability improvements and performance enhancements. Read on to find out what is new, and join our release announcement webinar for 22.04 on 8 Jun 2022!

New release Find out whats new and noteworthy in codebeamer 22.04

Streamlined management of complex projects with easier item handling

Teams managing large and complex projects with loads of artifacts will greatly value the new features in 22.04 that we’ve implemented to simplify work item handling! This latest version of codebeamer now offers updated table views and new filtering options that make it easier to find and manage artifacts. With the all-new item templates, you can create new items prepopulated with field values stored in the template. Just create a template based on any existing work item and you’re good to go!

For high-performing teams working with over 200.000 work items, we’ve added new custom filtering rules. Use these in table view (you’ll find the new option right above table headers) to define your own filtering rules, enabling you to get an easy and efficient overview of large numbers of items.

Further usability improvements include the expansion of the number of rows in Intelligent Table View; resizable panels for better visibility; and new ordering types that again make it easier to manage large volumes of items.

Features for faster test management

Managing robust testing activities is a challenge in the development of complex products. codebeamer 22.04 makes that process easier, with new features that speed things up in meticulous QA! Use the new features to execute cast cases and manage results efficiently. In complex testing procedures, you can now simply skip test steps, while teams running tests in external automated testing systems will value codebeamer’s improved data communication capabilities. These allow you to inject up to 10.000 test run results in no more than a few minutes!

Smooth data export & import with 3rd party tools

codebeamer 22.04 offers enhanced performance when importing data from Excel times. The new version significantly reduces waiting time by better handling JVM memory. To simplify exporting data to ReqIF, we’ve enabled tracker view-based exporting in this new version. All ReqIF exports now run in the background to save resources, which means less waiting time, a better user experience, and improved stability!

A variety of usability enhancements

We’ve implemented a range of usability improvements to make your use of codebeamer 22.04 all the more pleasant and efficient. Some of the most important ones:

  • The system now notifies you before executing operations that are expected to take a while. This should help you understand how to run reports faster!
  • To improve the speed and efficiency of project configuration deployment, we’ve made a variety of UX and performance improvements.
  • We’ve made tweaks under the hood to improve codebeamer’s performance in displaying and managing large numbers of artifacts.
  • Sysadmins can now automatically sync users from LDAP.
  • Linking to specific comments on a report or work item is now enabled.

Want to learn more about codebeamer 22.04? Visit the release announcement page, join our webinar on 8 Jun 2022, and take the new version for a test drive!

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