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Modernizing the Requirements Management Toolchain

There are plenty of reasons why development teams are looking to modernize their requirements management tools and make a switch from their DOORS-based requirements management toolchains. The benefits that these modern toolchains bring to product teams speak for themselves. The ever-evolving digitalization brings new challenges and requirements – old tools just won’t cut it anymore.

Modernizing the Requirements Management Toolchain

For a long time, legacy toolchains have been the go-to option for development teams. Even if modernizing your requirements toolchain seems like a hassle that will bring a new set of challenges and a trial and error phase, you cannot let legacy toolchains hold you back. By making the switch to a modern requirement management toolchain, you are future-proofing your organization, and are removing limitations that hinder your product teams and potentially the company’s profitability overall.


Challenges in the Digital Era

The Need to Deliver High-Quality Products Fast

Organizations are hesitant to leave legacy tools behind, but more and more teams are realizing that without smart software tooling it is getting almost impossible to comply with the ever-changing rules and regulations present in safety-critical industries. These organizations are realizing that if they want to deliver high-quality products to market quickly, they need to invest in modern, mature, and fully integrated development solutions. Shorter development cycles enable developers to react faster to customer demands – all the while shifting focus to mature requirements management and maintaining high product quality. 

Legacy Tools Can’t Keep Up 

While legacy requirements management tools still support critical development processes and information that the business relies on, often times they are built on an outdated framework. They are stacked with features with many customizations that simply cannot keep up with the pace of modern development processes, and the evolving needs of future-oriented development teams. Over time they can grow unstable and eventually could introduce risks to the product development lifecycle. 

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Best Practices & Benefits

Streamlined collaboration

Modern requirements management tools allow all stakeholders to efficiently contribute to the work of managing product requirements. Both internal and external collaboration can happen seamlessly when you modernize your requirements management toolset.

Detecting errors early on in the process

Modern requirements management tools allow you to discover problems as soon as possible. They have built-in functionality to notify developers as soon as a problem is detected. Modern RM tools help you correct any mistakes that have been made during the development process, and provide you with a traceable link to quality assurance activities.

Seamless traceability

One of the benefits of using an Application Lifecycle Management platform is that it allows gapless traceability across all stages of the lifecycle of the product development. These tools get you to establish the digital thread that connects all stages of the development process. Because of this, you can deliver products to market faster and more efficiently, while still focusing on quality – and, if relevant, staying compliant with all the relevant regulatory requirements!

In order to avoid falling behind, you need to make sure the transition to a modern development toolset is a smooth one. Our eBook covers the nitty-gritty details of setting up your company for success in making the transition to a modern requirements management tool. This eBook, delivered in collaboration with OpsHub’s experts, contains fundamental info on modernization strategies, best practices, and key insights to help ensure the success of your tool modernization efforts!

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