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AgileMed 2014 - Dedicated to Medical Device Development

agilemed-2014-dedicated-to-medical-device-developmentThe medical industry is highly regulated with standards to manage risk and ensure quality and safety of equipment and thereby provide the highest level of patient safety. Medical Device development teams are faced with increased software complexity today when developing high quality devices.

AgileMed, the conference dedicated to Agility in medical device development, was a great platform to introduce codeBeamer ALM's medical offering.

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codeBeamer ALM and Intland’s Medical IEC 62304 & ISO 14971 Template is designed for medical companies to support compliance with IEC 62304 and other medical standards. codeBeamer ALM is a holistically integrated Application Lifecycle Management solution designed for managing the development lifecycle from requirements to release. It contains specific medical trackers to define the requirements, manage the development, as well as the QA & testing of medical technology. Risk management is an integral part of the system, and an integrated traceability matrix shows the dependencies between your work items across the lifecycle. It also provides medical device developers with a medical wiki, a medical document management module and integrated release and test management.

Attendees that joined us at AgileMed 2014 learnt all about the benefits of codeBeamer ALM, including how to:

  • Save the time and effort required to customize ALM tools for compliance with standards, internal rules and processes
  • Use domain knowledge to deploy faster,
  • Implement Agile practices to increase efficiency and product delivery,

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