LeddarTech Case Study: Laser Focus on ISO 26262-ready ALM

LeddarTech Case Study: Laser focus on ISO 26262-ready ALMIntland’s latest customer case study covers the ALM journey of LeddarTech, a Canadian high-tech company at the forefront of automotive and digital mobility innovation. LeddarTech is a leader in LiDAR-based environmental sensing solutions for autonomous vehicles and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). Read on to learn more, and access the case study below!

As a leading remote sensing, sensor fusion, and sensor perception company, LeddarTech’s technology includes both hardware (Light Detection and Ranging devices) and software (digital sign processing software) components. Their products are actively used in autonomous shuttles, trucks, buses, delivery vehicles, robotaxis, as well as smart city and factory applications.

Inadequate tools hindering ISO 26262-compliance

Before switching to codeBeamer ALM, LeddarTech’s legacy toolchain consisted of a combination of legacy software tools known all too well by most developers. To manage requirements, the team had used Word documents and Excel files, edited collaboratively via shared folders and email. No wonder that this led to versioning friction, problems of change control, and limitations in terms of traceability.

LeddarTech’s dev team had difficulties tracking changes in specifications and tracing requirements to test cases. This affected bug management and limited process visibility and alignment across the development lifecycle. These aren’t negligible issues for any development team – but if you’re looking to pass ISO 26262 audits like LeddarTech had to, such problems have far-reaching consequences.

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Therefore, in 2017, the company started looking for an integrated Application Lifecycle Management platform to unify their lifecycle of product delivery. After evaluating a number of tools on the market, LeddarTech opted for codeBeamer ALM and deployed the platform for the engineering department’s 80 users.

Agile and regulatory compliance

While plans to transition to Agile didn’t influence LeddarTech’s ALM tool evaluation criteria, the team welcomed the fact that codeBeamer ALM was fully Agile-ready. More importantly, it fit the bill regarding all their requirements on ISO 26262 compliance support.

codeBeamer ALM enables LeddarTech’s teams to accelerate product delivery and adhere to the requirements of ISO 26262 by enabling them to:

  • Access a history of all changes on all work items
  • Use baselines for versioning
  • Provide access for all stakeholders to a single source of truth on requirements across projects
  • Establish and easily query traceability information
  • Analyze test coverage
  • Manage releases and links between user stories, tasks, bugs across versions

As Van Hue Truong, Senior QA Specialist at LeddarTech said: “codeBeamer has everything in it. Everything is centralized in the same place, accessible to everyone. The Traceability Matrix is very easy to generate. That was not the case with all the other tools. Also, codeBeamer is ready for ISO 26262-compliance.”

Learn more about LeddarTech’s use case and how this autonomous driving innovator benefits from using a modern, integrated ALM platform! Download Intland Software’s LeddarTech Customer Case Study:

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