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academyWe proudly announce our brand new modular training programs for current and prospective users of codeBeamer ALM. Join our Intland Academy courses to get started faster with the platform, and to make sure your team members take advantage of all our tool’s capabilities!

Intland Software’s codeBeamer ALM is used successfully by global companies with the most complex software development needs. Their sophisticated innovation processes, multi-tier supplier ecosystems, and stringent regulatory requirements are all supported by our feature-rich and highly customizable platform. Such a powerful solution, however, has to balance ease of use with the breadth and depth of features necessary for such versatility.

The capabilities that are used most often by various team members are easy to access – but there’s a lot more under the hood. So we’re launching our free Intland Academy training sessions to help users get up to speed with using codeBeamer ALM in minimal time, and to then enable them to access the tool’s more advanced features.

Modular training program

Intland Academy courses are web-based and free to attend. If you’re interested in any of the training sessions introduced below, just head over to our Training page for a list of upcoming sessions and sign up!

Intland Academy’s regular courses take a modular approach, enabling users to take the training program that best suits their needs and delivers the most value for their specific roles. In addition, Intland Academy also offers customized training programs tailored to the individual needs of any organization. Contact us for more info.

  • Our Basic Concepts session is the fundamental building block, enabling users to understand the basics of how codeBeamer ALM works. Completing this course is a prerequisite for all other sessions, and could provide new insights even to seasoned codeBeamer users.
  • The Requirements Management session gives team members a chance to understand how they can efficiently manage product specifications using codeBeamer ALM. This course touches on topics of importing or authoring and editing requirements, interlinking items for traceability, reusing requirements, and more.
  • Our Test Management training helps your team(s) understand the process of managing product testing with codeBeamer ALM including test planning, execution, and reporting on test coverage.
  • The Project Management course helps Agile teams grasp the basics of managing software projects using our tool. The session covers release planning, task management, and the use of various methodologies in your development projects.
  • For development teams, the Source Code Management training session provides valuable insights into using codeBeamer’s collaborative development features. Those joining this training course will learn how to manage, assign, and track tasks, work with repositories, and complete a code review to make sure their DevOps procedures are up to standard.
  • Document Management is a new module, enabling users to learn how to manage, import, and export documents in a collaborative environment. The session touches on data mapping upon import, the use of custom Word templates for exporting, and controlling access rights on versioned documents.
  • Our Reporting session is useful for team members of all disciplines, providing a deeper dive into codeBeamer ALM’s capabilities for monitoring and reporting purposes. In addition to the visual Report Creator, this session also covers the use of the cBQL query language for custom reporting queries, and the use of widgets to set up a custom dashboard.

Why take part in Intland Academy trainings?

Intland Academy courses serve a twofold goal: to shorten your route to value using codeBeamer ALM, and to gain confidence with the platform’s more advanced features.

For teams just starting out with codeBeamer, these trainings are immensely valuable as they save a great deal of time and effort in training team members during or before rollout. And for seasoned users, our modular courses dig deeper, helping them take full advantage of the platform by accessing codeBeamer ALM’s more advanced features.

Greg Parkanyi, Intland Software’s Trainer created this modular structure to help achieve those goals: “Working with industry-leading innovators in a variety of industry sectors provides us with an in-depth understanding of how these companies operate – and how they use our products to their advantage.” he said. “Intland Academy training courses were designed to share all that know-how, best practices, and domain knowledge. We’re happy to see that current and future customers understand the value of these courses, and we’ll continue to improve and adapt our training programs to support our users as best we can.”

To sign up for any of our free Intland Academy courses, visit and browse the list of upcoming training sessions. When completing a course, you’ll receive the full video recording of the web session along with training materials used and exercises to help make sure all that knowledge sticks.

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