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Intland’s Functional Safety Summer Academy

functional-safety-automotive-development-iso-26262-practiceManaging functional safety is one of the key concerns of product development teams operating in safety-critical industries. Functional safety not only affects the success of their products, but is in fact a fundamental requirement of various standards in highly-regulated industries such as ISO 26262 in automotive development. Join our Expert Series webinars this summer to understand how you can efficiently ensure your products’ functional safety!

Whether you’re active in the medical device development sector, automotive or avionics systems engineering, or another highly regulated industry, odds are you have a dedicated team to implement practices for your products’ functional safety. It is up to members of this team to avoid or control failures in your end product and to mitigate their effects.

But as more and more advanced technology (and increasing amounts of software code) is embedded in today’s safety-critical products, the safety lifecycle applied has to be adapted and rigorously enforced throughout the lifecycle. The automotive industry is a great example of this, where the promises of disruptive autonomous technology will only be fulfilled if developers can also deliver uncompromised safety in the software controlling their soon-to-be fully self-driving cars.

Expert Series: Functional Safety in Automotive Development – ISO 26262 in Practice

Intland Software’s 4-part webinar series this summer aims to help you better understand the concept of functional safety and apply best practices to achieve it in the development of software-heavy products.

While some of the topics will focus on automotive product development, the majority of knowledge and best practices shared during these sessions will be applicable to other safety-critical segments of software development.

This summer’s four Expert Series webinar sessions will offer insights into a range of topics covering the entire safety lifecycle:

19 June 2018 – Hazard Analysis and Functional Safety Compliance

18 July 2018 – FMEA & Risk Management in Practice

15 August 2018 – Safety Requirements Management in the Automotive Industry

12 September 2018 – Asserting Compliance: Modeling a Safety-critical Audit Process

With each webinar focusing on subsequent phases of a functional safety lifecycle, attending Intland’s Functional Safety Summer Academy will give you a chance to get up to speed with the latest best practices of:

  • Defining safety goals through a systematic and structured approach to hazards analysis
  • Identifying system, design, software, hardware, and production failure modes and applying a thorough risk management procedure
  • Structuring functional safety requirements down to software safety requirements while ensuring traceability with verification and validation plan and results
  • Adequately documenting and reporting on your safety-critical product development processes to take the headache out of managing compliance audits.

Visit this page to sign up for all four events of Intland’s Functional Safety Summer Academy. Can’t make it to any of the dates? Don’t worry, just sign up to receive a recording of each session in your inbox after the webinar.

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